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About LI Europe

Company Profile

We specialise in enhancing the rate of improvement, and delivering surprising rates of return, beyond that usually thought possible. LI Europe has a very strong track record in FMCG manufacturing, the largest and most competitive of the manufacturing sectors, and has the ability to tailor the approach to what works best given any unique situation.

Providers of Premier Operational & Improvement Support
The LI Europe Management Team has significant track record in driving manufacturing improvement across both large and small manufacturers.  With a background in blue chip manufacturing, the team have also has a long history of providing to support to manufacturers of all sizes, working with factories on the journey to world class, starting from wherever they are currently.

Everyone has a track record of success in improving businesses from within – and the LI expertise in implementing Rapid improvement, Sustainability programmes, and Lean Sigma programmes.

Our Approach

Guaranteed Results
LI Europe believes that the right approach is “what actually works“, which requires understanding the differences between businesses and not a philosophical belief that one approach can be right for everyone.  As an example, Lean is a great approach, but it was developed in Automotive where product giveaway is not an issue – if raw material cost is over 30% of your product cost, and average weight legislation applies to you, it would be wrong to apply Lean unthinkingly and forget about giveaway.  This applies to many aspects of improvement, and understanding the right approach for an individual factory makes all the difference to a successful outcome.  Our collective experience has enabled us to determine what is right and what is wrong, and so put an up front guarantee on the results that will ensue.

Our Team

Proven Track Records of Improving Businesses
Our Specialists all have an exceptional track record of successful change within manufacturing businesses to ensure they have the capability to support a business to make the most rapid improvement possible. We are results focused – so we roll up our sleeves and help clients to make the necessary changes to their businesses.  We know how to influence and change behaviours.  We know what works, and time and again our programmes deliver more improvement than any other approach, and delivers a result to the bottom line faster.

Awards & Recognition

Gold Standard People Engagement
As a company we strive to continually improve our framework and pass on our expertise to clients. We value and encourage the contribution that our employees can make in shaping the direction and progressing the development of our company. As a result, we are the only Improvement consultancy to have achieved the Gold Standard Investors in People Award – which we value as recognition of our expertise.  After all, why would you listen to someone who couldn’t apply their techniques to themselves?

“LI” stands for Success

Success for our Clients, Success for Us
LI stands for success.  We value our clients and recognise that we must work in partnership to deliver sustainable value and significantly improve returns to their businesses in order for us to succeed. We have a very successful track record in FMCG manufacturing, the largest and most competitive of the manufacturing sectors, and has the ability to tailor the approach to what works best across many other sectors, and many cultures.


It’s been running so well, we could do a crossword!


Before LI came we were a family run company and things had been done the same way for a hundred years. There was a lot of apprehension but the LI team had such a great way with people they won us over. People took to them. LI were great for our company and the systems they introduced are still in place.

Lesley Kercheval, Production Manager, KR Castlemaine