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Providing Excellence in Manufacturing Improvement Support.


In short: We believe in doing what it takes to enable factories to survive and thrive. 


Improving productivity is the absolutely essential element to ensuring manufacturing does well, and continues to be based where it has traditionally evolved.  We also believe that the knowledge, skills and enlightened approaches that have been shown to deliver world class results for the top manufacturers should be available for everyone, no matter what size of factory it is.

We are a results focused business, and we believe things should be as made simple as they can be (although no simpler!). We want to see a manufacturing environment where manufacturers understand there is no problem that can’t be solved, and that it’s not just about improving every day, it is about maximizing the rate of improvement every day.





We provide premier improvement support to manufacturers – through Advisory, Consultancy, and Practitioning.  Whichever approach we are taking, we fundamentally believe in people – that engaged people are the life blood of the most successful businesses, and we provide them with what is required to enable them to make a difference.

We provide value to those we work with by being able to listen and understand what is right for them.  That may be Operational Excellence, or it may be something simple.  It is not good enough that an approach has worked before; we must provide the right solution in each specific case, that maximises the rate of improvement for each and every business we work with.

Our expertise has been crafted in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), the biggest manufacturing sector, and most competitive.  From the time Henry Ford copied a FMCG production line, Excellence in FMCG has too often been under recognised.

Our approach is a gold standard blend of rapid results that deliver bottom line growth, and investment in people that is capable of challenging behaviours and changing attitudes to ensure future excellence in manufacturing.

We have an extensive track record for delivering results-oriented solutions that reduce cost, improve quality, increase output, drive productivity, and transfer skills to people.  Whilst we are proud of our track record, we believe in nurturing local teams with the ability to drive an ongoing enhanced rate of improvement, so that they themselves make a difference to productivity in the long run.


Our Values



People Focus

We believe people make the difference, both for us and for our clients.  We believe that engaging people in the business results in them offering the discretionary effort to improve the business that leads to success for everyone.

Leveraging our Strengths

Our strength comes from individual creativity and leveraging each person’s strengths to help us all in our personal growth.  By recognising and using our diverse talents we enable success.

Honesty and Integrity

High integrity must always be at the core of what we do.  Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do is the path to long term success.


We each take personal accountability for what we do and expect those around us to act in the same way.  Success is in our hands, and we do not blame others when we could have done more.

Continual Improvement

We will never stop improving.  We believe sufficient self-reflection will always enable us to determine how something could have been done better.  We are not satisfied with current successes and will always put our efforts towards making improvements every day.

Reward & Recognition

We recognise that the success and profitability of our business relies on our people and what we do.  We believe each person involved should share in the profit and pleasure of that result.  Whilst distinctions in role are necessary, we do not forget that every person is equally important.


The focussed homework, linking the learning to ongoing behaviour and leadership habits, was particularly useful. Excellent 5* training.

Front Line Manager on Aspire Programme

With the support of the LI team, the Bars business unit has made great strides forward with some exceptional results. It has been gratifying to witness the confidence and capability of the people grow paralleling the rise in plant performance. I look forward with great optimism to the continuing journey and an ongoing partnership with LI Europe.

Mike Parsons, Head of Manufacturing, Weetabix