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We are a niche advisor, having particular expertise in the operational aspects of manufacturing. We practise Operational Due Diligence for Buyer of FMCG Manufacturers with operations >£1m, usually business value of £30m and above.  

We investigate Operational Synergy, Operational Opportunity, Factory Footprint, Procurement review, and Warehouse and Transportation footprint review to enable increased deal value.

Are you interested in:

  • Straight forward advisory surrounding the risks and issues regarding food safety, food security, and general manufacturing risks?
  • The synergies from merging two manufacturing businesses across transport and distribution, manufacturing and procurement?
  • Putting a plan B together for EBITDA improvement from operational excellence if the aggressive sales plan doesn’t materialise as envisaged?

We know Operational Due Diligence may not be at top of most deal priorities, but when it comes to manufacturing, being able to access advisors who truly understand manufacturing and can relate the reality on the ground into risks and opportunities can add real value to the deal.

Specialist Expertise in FMCG and similar Manufacturing & Supply Chain

If you want to know more, please simply contact the office direct and ask to speak to one of the Directors.

+44 (0)1423 228 511


Private Equity houses, with target investments in FMCG manufacturing, >30m deal value.

MBI teams looking to complete a Carve out from a large manufacturer.


Identifying sufficient value in the proposed acquisition to allow the investment case to stack up.

To answer and allay any risk fears from senior capital investors, and insurance providers.

To provide an option B for an investment case should the sales growth plan be thought to have risk attached

To take the risk of unforeseen future problems with the operations of the acquisition away from the investment director by conducting due diligence, especially across food safety, health and safety, and operational capability risks.


Relationship Building / Initial Phone Call / Scoping Meeting / Proposal Submission / Refine Proposal and Accept – NDA, Document reading / Management Presentation / Site visits / Data room access and building of models / Review of findings with management / Report submission / report discussions with required stakeholders.


Deal goes through.  £4.4bn successful deal value advised on.  Quorn bought for £190m, sold 4 years later for £550m.


Before LI came I was facing a £2million factory extension project as my only solution for growth… I would recommend LI Europe to any food manufacturing business which wants to achieve rapid and sustainable productivity improvement.

Graham Whittle, Managing Director, Whitby Seafoods

What we’re doing is great. I’ve been wanting help like this for what seems ages, the structure for problem solving makes it easy for everyone to get involved.

Cell Technical Expert, Multi-Site Household Goods Company