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Angela Simkins

Angela Simkins, Business Development Director

BEng, MSc Lean, CEng, FIMechE, FIOD, FCMI

Angela has experience of Business Development within manufacturing companies having worked in a diverse range of sectors including food, electronics and engineering.

Having started as an apprentice on the shop floor she worked her way up through maintenance, project engineering, production, operations and Managing Director of SME’s for over 20 years Angela appreciates the voice of everyone in an organisation in contributing to its success.

Employing Lean tools and techniques like cellular manufacturing to reduce lead times, reduce stock levels, increase throughput, increase visibility and offer security to those employed has been successful and rewarding.

Releasing the potential of everyone in an organisation and facilitating the training required for continuous improvement can deliver remarkable results and the resulting happier, more open culture, makes for a rewarding place to work.

Angela’s passion is in promoting tolerance, understanding and opportunities for all to succeed and thrive in business clearing the way for extraordinary results.

Using her experience by reaching out and introducing a resource, to already stretched companies, for methods to problem solve at all levels, continuously improve at all levels, Total Preventative Maintenance and planning and subsequently deliver the results a company needs to reinvest and grow is very exciting.



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I assumed that if the machines were running, everything was fine. It has really opened my eyes. Personally, it has given me a new lease of life.

Paul McCarthy, Engineer, Dalehead Foods

Inspiring the people in our business to understand how they can improve and the business can therefore develop, is an important building block in our drive for improving efficiency within our business. Engaging everyone in the business to realise that we can be better and any little improvement drives down to the bottom line. This has been seen both in the way the staff have engaged and enjoyed the experience and the evidence of reduced costs has helped the business to become more efficient. This process never stops but it is the tools that have been developed by LI Europe that has allowed us to deliver this important work at both our potato pack houses.

Fraser Scott, Head of Farming Operations Arable/Potatoes