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Baubles, I’ve done it again!

Written by Jason Gledhill, Engagement Leader at LI Europe.

Christmas is quickly approaching, and like many people, my thoughts have turned to the coming festivities. There’s so much to plan and prepare – buying enough food to feed a small army, festooning the house with gaudy decorations, organising festive gatherings and procuring the perfect presents.

I’m usually rather blasé when it comes to buying gifts, generally waiting until the week before, and occasionally even leaving it as late as Christmas Eve. This year, however, I was ahead of the game; I managed to buy all my wife’s Christmas presents in early November. Not only did I buy them, but I also wrapped them. I was more prepared than ever before, and I was feeling rather smug about it. Until yesterday.

My wife and I were discussing Christmas preparations – Christmas dinner, the carol service on Christmas Eve, our Boxing Day party, and so on. The conversation eventually moved on to gifts and my eyes lit up. Feeling delighted with my accomplishment, I proudly announced that I had finished all my Christmas shopping.

“You’ve got me everything I asked for?” she exclaimed excitedly.

Panic set in. I wasn’t aware that she had asked for anything specific.

“I think I’ve got everything, but just remind me,” I said, trying to sound calm. As she listed the items she had requested via various emails, texts and WhatsApp messages, it became apparent that I hadn’t got anything she had asked for. Christmas wasn’t as organised as I’d thought, and it was going to cost me even more time and money.

So, who was at fault? Was it me for not remembering or paying attention to every message conveyed to me via the different communication channels? Or was it my wife’s fault for not communicating with me effectively by talking through the items on her wish list and making sure I had received her messages?

Effective communication at all levels is imperative, both in the workplace and at home. But how often do we just send an email or text message without following it up with a conversation? How often do we have a conversation and then fail to follow it up with an email confirming what was said? Do we all communicate as effectively as we should? I know I don’t.

Ineffective communication results in messages getting lost, tasks not being completed correctly or work not being delivered. As a result, conflicts arise, and neither party wants to be held accountable for the oversight.

Rather than worry about who is to blame, we need to understand what caused the problem. Where was the breakdown in communication? How could the information have been communicated more effectively? How can this problem be prevented going forward?

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Before LI came we were facing the looming recession as a premium supplier with huge pressures on our margins from the trade. By improving our efficiencies we have been able to maintain our bottom line over the current ‘crisis’. I would recommend LI Europe to any Food or Pharma business that wants to achieve rapid and sustainable productivity improvement.

Andrew Shaw, Supply Chain Director, Seven Seas

What we’re doing is great. I’ve been wanting help like this for what seems ages, the structure for problem solving makes it easy for everyone to get involved.

Cell Technical Expert, Multi-Site Household Goods Company