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This manager knew problem kit was causing line speed issues, but the overtime bills needed to meet the plan were impacting the labour variances, and affecting margins and profits.

Having lots of SKU’s didn’t help, and although they thought they’d cracked a flour bridging issue recently, it hadn’t seemed to make much difference.

Was there any way to hit the required output without killing it with overtime?


“Problem kit was causing line speed issues and overtime bills to meet demand were affecting labour variances – impacting profit margins.”

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We have known about that problem for ages, why did we wait until now to sort it out?


Firstly, Reckitt Benckiser and LI pulled together to improve efficiency levels and there was a focus on both external and internal resources. Before LI arrived efficiency was not good. Secondly, there was good methodology and training using operators to support its implementation. Thirdly, there was daily and hourly focusing on performance. Since LI left, improvements have been sustained.

Bart Derde, Supply Projects Director (Europe), Reckitt Benckiser