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This business was doing well, and had opened a new factory to consolidate production into one location. Unfortunately, the factory manager was having to deal with teething problems all over the place, and output was far short of demand.

Pressure was mounting up to fix things quick, but it just wasn’t changing fast enough. Find out about the factory which was able to not only meet orders, but put itself on the path to Manufacturing Excellence too.


“Over six weeks, the results improved by 33%, from the production of 60 doors per day to an average of 80 doors per day. Customer demand was now being met, which was worth over £1m per year in revenue.”


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Before LI came we were facing the looming recession as a premium supplier with huge pressures on our margins from the trade. By improving our efficiencies we have been able to maintain our bottom line over the current ‘crisis’. I would recommend LI Europe to any Food or Pharma business that wants to achieve rapid and sustainable productivity improvement.

Andrew Shaw, Supply Chain Director, Seven Seas

What we’re doing is great. I’ve been wanting help like this for what seems ages, the structure for problem solving makes it easy for everyone to get involved.

Cell Technical Expert, Multi-Site Household Goods Company