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A Manufacturing manager was fed of of waste getting out of hand in the lead up to Christmas. The waste percentage in the first 6 months of the year was typically half of that in the second 6 months.

However, this was a seasonal product, and a lot of agency and new starters came in in the second half of the year. Would it be possible to do anything about the increase in waste, given the Christmas happens every year?

Find out what the team was able to achieve…


“Waste from the biscuit assortment area doubled when demand picked up, costing the company as much as £183k per annum.”

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A key learning for me was that delegation is as much about the development of others as it is removing an action from my list. I now think of delegation as an opportunity for my team to develop and try new things. The more I do it, the more effective it is. Delegation is now one of my key management tools.

Front Line Manager on Aspire Programme

Our cooperation with LI Europe has yielded significant improvement across the plants in East Asia and I have recommended the cooperation be implemented across our other regions and suppliers

Jose M. Chao Diaz Senior VP Supply – Developing Markets