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Effective Meetings

Tips for Effective Meetings


Step 1 – Before

1.1 Get the agenda ready.
1.2 Ensure the right people are at the meeting.
1.3 Make sure attendees have the relevant decision-making authority.
1.4 Be clear on the purpose of the meeting and communicate what needs to be said to make the relevant decisions.

Step 2 – During

2.1 Turn up on time.
2.2 Focus on the meeting – minimise distraction e.g. turn off mobile phones.
2.3 Keep to the agenda.
2.4 Stick to the agreed timeframe.
2.5 Review all previous actions.
2.6 Raise the relevant issues.
2.7 Don’t problem-solve in the meeting – unless it is a problem-solving meeting.
2.8 Assign a who, when and what to actions – make individuals accountable rather than groups.

Step 3 – After

3.1 Ensure a summary of the agreed actions are documented and issued within 24 hours.
3.2 Schedule the next meeting and include a review of actions.

Having your meeting standing up.
Locking the door once the meeting begins.
Keeping score of issues raised, actions assigned, actions completed on time and then reviewed.
Tracking how many actions have a who, when and what.

Value the input of every delegate.
Ensure only one person speaks at a time.
Never belittle anyone else’s ideas.
70% agreement = 100% commitment for decisions.



Before LI came we were a family run company and things had been done the same way for a hundred years. There was a lot of apprehension but the LI team had such a great way with people they won us over. People took to them. LI were great for our company and the systems they introduced are still in place.

Lesley Kercheval, Production Manager, KR Castlemaine

Over the past three months I have been concentrating mainly on changeover reduction, waste reduction and increased throughput. There has also been a challenge to behavioural patterns. All of these efforts have been using the knowledge that you gave me and I am delighted to say that all have been successful, culminating in increased throughput, less waste and an increase in OEE from an average of 78% to around 90%. There has also been a marked improvement with people issues.

Alwin Waterhouse, Improvement Manager, British Bakeries