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Helping children use vital tools, safely

Barney Echo LogoAn integral part of our lives, the Internet gives children access to information that can fuel their interests and support their education. As with all tools however, children need to learn to use the Internet effectively, and above all, safely. Which is why we are delighted to announce our partnership with the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain through which we will be helping to keep children safe on the Internet.

Children are becoming more and more technically able in accessing the Internet using a variety of devices, from a younger and younger age. All interaction with our community can carry risks for young children and they can be ill equipped to deal with the particular dangers that present themselves on a virtual level.

To help address this very serious issue we are pleased to sponsor a number of local primary schools by providing educational resources that will enable teachers to run a program dealing with issues such as cyber bullying, inappropriate material, personal security, and social media.

The resources are part of the Barney & Echo series and are designed to help children at a young age make good decisions based upon sound educational advice.

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I assumed that if the machines were running, everything was fine. It has really opened my eyes. Personally, it has given me a new lease of life.

Paul McCarthy, Engineer, Dalehead Foods

We are pleased with the progress we’re making at the Gweedore site, indeed we’re so pleased that we’re planning to roll out the programme to our other manufacturing sites.

John Donnelly, General Manager, Largo Foods, Ireland