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Lean Thinking

What is it that you have to do to turn your business into a Lean Organisation? What is the key to improving production with Lean thinking? There are tools you can adopt of course, but Lean is more than that… It is a way of thinking, that drives the change you want. But what is that “Lean way of thinking”? What are the behaviours that leadership teams need to follow? The shadow of leadership casts a long way, and are you taking lean decisions that will support the direction of travel you want, or are senior decisions actually unintentionally sabotaging your journey?

Are executive decisions unintentionally shackling your lean journey?

Lean Thinking has an underpinning requirement to avoid blame. This is critical to get people to embrace the lean journey:

  • Hansei – Self Reflection – acknowledge mistakes and pledge improvement.
  • Respect for people.
  • Nemawashi – Quietly setting the foundations for change.

Do you get frustrated that the people in the organisation aren’t embracing lean?

How well does your executive decision making align with the behaviours you wish to promote?

How often are decisions interpreted in a manner different to the way they were intended?

In answering those questions, was it natural to be defensive, or were you using “Hansei” or in other words truthful, internally critical self-reflection? And that is simply when reading a website – imagine when emotions get involved, and production isn’t going out the door! It’s not easy to continually use the Lean Thinking – it takes time and practice to get it right – and the Lean Methodologies are simply ways become practiced at sticking to the what will make a difference.

If you are interested in finding out more, then simply fill out the contact form and ask for more information about Lean Thinking. It’s not right for everyone, so we won’t hassle you with information – but 5 minutes is all it takes to find out if Lean Thinking training would benefit you and your team.


    It’s been running so well, we could do a crossword!


    I believe that the project has been the catalyst for some big changes in the way we operate and think. Your presence, support, enthusiasm and ability to engage the personnel involved has been integral to this.

    Keith Bassett, Plant Manager, KR Castlemaine