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Do your managers have styles which cause resentment in your business?


Our modular approach to FLM Training takes Front Line Managers on a path of discovery. They first establish their own leadership style through self evaluation and compare this to the qualities of good leaders. This sets the scene for individual development which is built upon with the introduction of tools to become a good leader.

By the end of the FLM Training course, paFLM_Training1rticipants will have developed their communication skills through identifying and removing barriers to communication and through practice at giving and receiving constructive feedback. You will be pleased with their improved effectiveness in delivering shift handovers and with their confidence to deliver team meeting.

Specific areas that challenge our front line managers are covered in detail. For example, how to deal with conflict when it arises and how to generate, manage and empower effective teams.



Frustrations you may have with mangers failing to manage their own development are addressed too. Every participant must complete a Learning Action Plan with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) objectives before the end of the course. This forms the basis for their ongoing personal development.

The course is interactive and uses many different methods to demonstrate learning points including DVDs, role play activities and team building exercises. Don’t be surprised if you hear laughter as they learn.


Groups of Front Line Managers who have previously spent little time with each other form bonds which are retained back in the workplace, increasing collaboration and providing an informal support structure long after the course has ended.


Modules are split into 6 categories:

  • Understanding Good Leadership
  • Motivation & Feedback
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Communication
  • Visible Leadership & Time Management
  • Managing & Empowering Teams

If you want to see your Front Line Managers excel in their roles then contact us to discuss your specific FLM Training needs.

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