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Manufacturing Excellence / RACI Matrix

Responsible – Accountable – Consulted – Informed

Having clear and unequivocal roles for everyone is fundamental to getting actions done quickly and projects completed efficiently:

  • Those responsible for completing tasks must be strongly influenced by the person accountable.
  • Only one person is ever accountable for the delivery.
  • Those consulted will be listened to and have their opinions incorporated as appropriate.
  • Those informed need to know the outcome but don’t need to be involved.

That’s why we recommend that you use a RACI Matrix:

  • (R) – Responsible: those who do the work to achieve the task – there can be more than one responsible person.
  • (A) – Accountable: the person ultimately accountable for the completion of the task – there must be only one accountable per task.
  • (C) – Consulted: those whose opinions are sought – two-way communication.
  • (I) – Informed: those who are kept informed – one-way communication.

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We’ve had the best of our best, which are better than most, working on this for years and they have not achieved these results. This has clearly been a significant breakthrough. The results show this.

Senior Supply Chain VP from International Beverage Business

We have known about that problem for ages, why did we wait until now to sort it out?