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Improvement over 3 years

20-30% reduction in manufacturing controllable costs
If you are serious about making a real change to your cost base, we can put you in touch with senior managers of businesses who have already made sustainable lean manufacturing results happen.  It’s not all our doing – the credit from results like these over many years, when LI were only involved for the first 6 months, really have to go to the teams themselves – but we’re proud to be part of it.


Improvement over 6 months

Predicted versus actual improvement
This factory was starting from a low base (Site measure ~50% / True measure ~35%), and was in some problems.  The predicted thresholds made at the assessment for realising efficiency improvement into bottom line $$$ are shown in green, what was actually achieved is shown in red.

Already high performing line

This was an already high performing line.  It just goes to show, you can always find something else to improve!


Specific issue

This was one of our first ever problems – an operator had been working round this waste issue on a daily basis for the previous 15 years.  It took him 6 days to learn Problem Solving, and use it to prove he could effectively eliminate the problem.  It took another 19 shifts to make the solutions permanent – and that problem has now gone forever. This is the important thing about Problem Solving – it’s not LI who use it.  We have to be able to – indeed we love problem solving – but we’ve found that operators and engineers consistently arrive at better solutions faster than any external person could.

Results graph - Waste

Non Manufacturing

The LI rapid lean tools work on more than just production lines.  Here, post proof of delivery errors was bad, and suddenly getting very bad in the build up to Christmas – a 3x 2-week workshops was all it took to turn this problem around from the worst it had ever been to the best it had ever been in less than 12 weeks – the key being in the mix of people on the workshop who faced the issues daily across departments.

There are many other examples, from many sectors, and different situations.  If you’d like to find out more, just contact us we’re always happy to talk about our results!

Results graph - Non Manufacturing


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We’ve had the best of our best, which are better than most, working on this for years and they have not achieved these results. This has clearly been a significant breakthrough. The results show this.

Senior Supply Chain VP from International Beverage Business

Inspiring the people in our business to understand how they can improve and the business can therefore develop, is an important building block in our drive for improving efficiency within our business. Engaging everyone in the business to realise that we can be better and any little improvement drives down to the bottom line. This has been seen both in the way the staff have engaged and enjoyed the experience and the evidence of reduced costs has helped the business to become more efficient. This process never stops but it is the tools that have been developed by LI Europe that has allowed us to deliver this important work at both our potato pack houses.

Fraser Scott, Head of Farming Operations Arable/Potatoes