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Reliable Maintenance / Early Equipment Management

The philosophy of Early Equipment Management (EEM) is to build in high efficiency from the design stage. 

Original equipment manufacturers do not have the experience of running their equipment in full production for years in the way that you do – and so by involving operators, engineers as well as the equipment suppliers in the design process, we help to design equipment in a way that is easy to operate and maintain and is delivered to site in a condition that is at least equal to your AM (autonomous maintenance) and PM (professional maintenance) standards.

Our TPM trained specialists will then help engineers implement an effective maintenance programme on installation to ensure that the condition of the new asset does not deteriorate.  This maintenance regime can then be fitted easily into the sites current maintenance strategy.

Examples of successes with EEM have seen over 400 design changes made at no increased cost to the asset, and the plant started up ahead of schedule – a saving of £3M compared to historical start up performance. 



It’s brilliant! We used to produce 3 or 4 full bins of waste a day now we’re down to less than ½ a bin! The final bit of work we do should reduce it to virtually nothing!

Operator – Branded Bakery

The course has helped me to understand that there are lots of different types of people but you need a good mix to be an effective team and to get the best results.

Front Line Manager on Aspire Programme