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Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2014, Sponsored by LI Europe

Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2014, Sponsored by LI Europe

LI Europe had the honour of announcing the winner of the Judges’ Star Performer Award at the Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2014 and would like to congratulate the Graze team on their incredible achievement!

When we helped Weetabix reach for the stars with an Improvement Programme that engaged employees and improved output by 52%, they won the highest accolade possible – Food Manufacturing Company of the Year 2011.
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Watch this video for more on the process of how we can help you size the Improvement Opportunity, or get in touch to arrange a ‘Walk the Floor’ Consultation where we’ll observe your site and explain how we can help you improve your operational profit.


We have known about that problem for ages, why did we wait until now to sort it out?


Over the past three months I have been concentrating mainly on changeover reduction, waste reduction and increased throughput. There has also been a challenge to behavioural patterns. All of these efforts have been using the knowledge that you gave me and I am delighted to say that all have been successful, culminating in increased throughput, less waste and an increase in OEE from an average of 78% to around 90%. There has also been a marked improvement with people issues.

Alwin Waterhouse, Improvement Manager, British Bakeries