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Line Improvement Workshop – 24th November

mmsThe two day Manufacturing Management Show launches at the end of November, featuring an exhibition, keynote conference and hands on workshops across all areas of successful factory.

LI Europe has been invited to contribute to the agenda on both days, and on 24th November Erica Bassford will be running a practical Line Improvement workshop, complete with hands on ‘learning by doing’…

Prioritising Line Improvement – and making it stick: 24th November, 12:15 – 12.55
When it comes to prioritising line improvement and implementing improvement programmes, it’s vital that Front Line Managers are equipped with the skills to manage and motivate their teams to drive and sustain line improvement activity.

During this interactive session, Erica will explain how managers and team leaders can teach shopfloor personnel what to focus on improving, and why. She’ll also be demonstrating a practical approach which has been used successfully hundreds of times to make training engaging – and improvement stick. Prepare to get your game on!

Delegates will learn:

  1. How Production Processes interact on a Production Line
  2. What to focus on and why
  3. Four tactics to drive line improvement
  4. A game that is proven to make training engaging – and improvement stick

To find out how to engage shopfloor personnel to apply new line improvement techniques in the workplace – register for the session >


It must be said that the concept of change management which LI were asked to bring in was a very big ‘ask’. Their work on the floor was very beneficial to change management. LI try to problem solve by using the workforce. This has to be done tactfully. They achieved it. They had the respect of the people on the floor and the management which is a major credit.

Peter Barnett, CFO, KR Castlemaine

I assumed that if the machines were running, everything was fine. It has really opened my eyes. Personally, it has given me a new lease of life.

Paul McCarthy, Engineer, Dalehead Foods