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New Manufacturing Improvement Case Studies 

We have recently published a number of new Manufacturing Improvement case studies, sharing some detailed examples of how we’ve helped The Cooperative, Largo Foods, Whitby Seafood, and Seven Seas.  The projects we worked on with these companies include:

  • Increasing Output
  • OEE Improvement
  • Capacity Gains
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Rapid Productivity Improvement
  • Line Speed Improvement

We thought you might be interested in the results we achieved working in partnership with these companies…

Read the Case Studies >>


Before LI came we were a family run company and things had been done the same way for a hundred years. There was a lot of apprehension but the LI team had such a great way with people they won us over. People took to them. LI were great for our company and the systems they introduced are still in place.

Lesley Kercheval, Production Manager, KR Castlemaine

We’ve had the best of our best, which are better than most, working on this for years and they have not achieved these results. This has clearly been a significant breakthrough. The results show this.

Senior Supply Chain VP from International Beverage Business