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16% line speed improvement achieved


Protecting margins is not a new target for FMCGs, but increasing line efficiency in complex manufacturing environments remains a top challenge in 2015.

In virtually every factory – before problem solving – we can find around 10% ‘free speed’ by increasing the speed of the bottleneck process, without compromising quality or safety. But to get machines running at top speeds we usually need to apply problem-solving tools.

Over the years, LI Europe has challenged thousands of operators to take a closer look at their lines, explaining how to apply the right problem-solving tools at the right time to significantly improve line speeds.

Our latest case study explores how, with our help, an experienced operator and skilled technician used our Problem Solving tool to achieve a 16% line speed improvement on 2 packaging lines by resolving a ‘sucker’ issue.

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We have known about that problem for ages, why did we wait until now to sort it out?


Before LI came we were a family run company and things had been done the same way for a hundred years. There was a lot of apprehension but the LI team had such a great way with people they won us over. People took to them. LI were great for our company and the systems they introduced are still in place.

Lesley Kercheval, Production Manager, KR Castlemaine