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Taking Cost Out

In The Grocer a couple of weeks ago, journalist Andy Poole stated that “the old adage ‘price is king’ could not ring any truer for grocery brands at the moment”, whilst Food Manufacture’s Mike Stone discussed the launch of Morrisons’ new ‘I’m Cheaper’ range and the looming supermarket price war…

With supermarkets battling to provide ‘permanently cheaper’ groceries whilst balancing pressure from investors to protect profit margins, it falls on manufacturers to find ways to take more cost out of production.

Identifying which costs can be taken out or reduced, and then matching the tools in the lean toolkit to each problem is the key to quickly lowering the cost of production.

For more on the range of tools that LI Europe recommends, and when to use them, check out this webpage: http://li-europe.com/resources



We’ve had the best of our best, which are better than most, working on this for years and they have not achieved these results. This has clearly been a significant breakthrough. The results show this.

Senior Supply Chain VP from International Beverage Business

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