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Tesco FFF Lean Workshop

Earlier this month Adrian, Erica, and Jeremy delivered a Lean Workshop to a group of Young Farmers from around the UK who are part of the Tesco Future Farmers Foundation…

The Future Farmers Foundation (FFF) is a programme sponsored by Tesco as part of the retailers’ efforts to help develop a “thriving and dynamic farming industry and to meet one of its key aims of helping young people”.  The programme has been shaped around the needs of young farmers who are building their careers and want to “build their business skills, to learn more about today’s fast moving supply chains and to find out from industry experts what they need to know to be successful” (read more about the programme here).

Our team from LI Europe spent a day with the group from the FFF to explain lean manufacturing principles and demonstrate the practical benefits a lean approach could bring to their workplaces. The day included a tour of a high performing Weetabix factory followed by a session designed to encourage the group to think about how they could apply the learnings to their own businesses.

Check out the video below which was captured during the Lean Workshop, and features the 7 Wastes game (a factory simulation scenario using sticklebricks). The group learned first hand how “applying lean methodology created flow, better quality, less waste and a more harmonious workplace”.



If you think your team could benefit from a Lean Workshop such as this – why not get in touch to discuss your requirements?


Over the past three months I have been concentrating mainly on changeover reduction, waste reduction and increased throughput. There has also been a challenge to behavioural patterns. All of these efforts have been using the knowledge that you gave me and I am delighted to say that all have been successful, culminating in increased throughput, less waste and an increase in OEE from an average of 78% to around 90%. There has also been a marked improvement with people issues.

Alwin Waterhouse, Improvement Manager, British Bakeries

Before LI came I was facing a £2million factory extension project as my only solution for growth… I would recommend LI Europe to any food manufacturing business which wants to achieve rapid and sustainable productivity improvement.

Graham Whittle, Managing Director, Whitby Seafoods