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Questions we are frequently asked…


Q1. Why is LI Europe successful?
We use a systematic approach. The key elements of an efficient improvement system being to collect the correct data, analyse and prioritise this, manage the appropriate resources, implement the necessary improvement action and demonstrate that sustainable delivery has been achieved. The development of champions within the business in using our approach and utilising some simple tools as enablers allows this system to become a way of doing business.

Q2. What can you do for us?
To help your people to further improve performance and provide an overall plan to systematically improve the performance of the site and to improve your existing improvement system to release the opportunity.

Q3. How would you do this ? / How do you make it sustainable ?
Provide an assessment of the total opportunity available for improvement ( not necessarily limited by existing barriers) and demonstrate our ability to breakthrough some current barriers. Following this and with your endorsement, work with your team to educate and coach them to breakthrough an existing barrier and build the improvement plan.

Q4. When can you start?
Our proposed first step would be to hold an initial presentation to your nominated site to ensure that they are part of the decision making process. After this we could start immediately.

Q5. What resources can you provide?
The amount of resource we can provide is related to the time before commencement and the rate of improvement that your team can support across the business. We can plan to meet any of your needs with sufficient notice.

Q6. What can you guarantee/ commit to?
We promise to help you and your people to:

  • Improve the performance of any key process by 10% to 30% without capital within 1 to 3 months
  • Develop and successfully transfer the skills to strengthen and complement the improvement systems to sustainably improve
  • Convert your improvements into direct business benefits

Q7. Who would lead the project?
This would depend on the timing, however the project would be led by one of the experienced members of our team. The nominated leader would be endorsed by yourselves.

Q8. How many people do you have?
We currently number between 20 and 25 across the world. We are growing fast though, and expect that number to rise rapidly.

Q9. How do you transfer skills?
By training & practical coaching of your team in successfully utilising our tools & methods we enable them to positively experience the benefit and therefore adopt these tools and drive future improvements.


Q10. What differentiates you from all the others?
Some of our approach is similar to others within an overall concept of using some tools to systematically improve performance. This is the essence of any performance improvement process, however we believe we offer a hands on practical approach which engages all levels of the business. Key differentiations are:

  • Depth of skills transfer
  • Emphasis on rapid up front results and project payback
  • Our senior people work at the site to deliver the projects
  • Focus is on helping our clients to succeed
  • A proven tool kit to implement sustainable improvement


Q11. How do you ensure sustainability?
By demonstrating the effectiveness of utilizing our tools and methodologies and enabling your people to practice these with real problems in your own plants we enable all levels of the organization to achieve their goals and believe in the methodologies. We then use the enthusiasm from this to help implement improved procedures, work practices and structures which encourage the use of the tools and methods and results in ownership being taken for auditing and maintaining their use as an on going practice.


Q12. How long do you need to ensure sustainability?
Depending on the size of the site we typically require between 3 to 4 months to embed the new methodologies and tools within the improvement culture.


Q13. This just seems too good to be true?
We feel the same every time – and so did all our clients. We implement as fast as the client wishes to move and this can be v.fast or more slowly depending on their circumstances. However, while the examples show the potential to deliver very quick gains the full benefit of transferring and embedding these skills into the team does take a number of months. Without an assessment we’ll never know – all our clients are sceptical at first, but time after time we find that the results are there.



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