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The problem with FLM micro-management

Written by Nathanial Marshall, Manufacturing Improvement Practitioner at LI Europe

I recently watched a review of Theresa May’s first month in post. It discussed how evolving the ‘micro-management’ style she used in her previous department, would be critical in her role as Prime Minister. And it’s something all leaders have to deal with at some point…

Have you ever heard yourself saying any of these?

  • “It will be quicker if I do it myself.”
  • “It won’t get done properly if I don’t do it”
  • “I don’t have time to train someone else to do this task”

Whilst this might be the case – at some point, learning to delegate will become critical to your success in your Front Line Management role.

Delegation is a skill which requires you first to assess the individual to determine the level of freedom they need, as explained by the Tannenbaum-Schmidt model. Once you know their current position you can then apply the appropriate delegation level, of which there are 7, each conferring more responsibility on the individual.


It’s your job as a leader to delegate to them at the right level and gradually move them up the scale towards freedom, developing some potential successors along the way.

Effective delegation helps free up your time, develops you as a leader and most importantly empowers your team.

For more information on the Tannenbaum-Schmidt model and other leadership techniques, drop me a line


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