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Improvement Toolkit / 5S

Sort • Set in Order • Shine • Standardise • Sustain


5S is a workplace organisation method focused on eliminating waste.


It is a defined, visual and simple method for organising and maintaining the workplace in the optimum condition in order to eliminate waste.


Use 5s to:

  • Enable standardised process operation
  • Reduce Waste through good organisation
  • Easily identify abnormalities
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Build a foundation for further improvement activities.

Adopting 5S will ensure all clutter is removed; resulting in a safer working environment that everyone should be proud of. Only tools and materials actually required should be held within the work area, each having a designated location for quick retrieval and return.

Our ‘hands on’ training takes people on a journey through the 5Ss, from Sort to Sustain, enabling trainees to see the benefits first hand.






Before LI came we were facing the looming recession as a premium supplier with huge pressures on our margins from the trade. By improving our efficiencies we have been able to maintain our bottom line over the current ‘crisis’. I would recommend LI Europe to any Food or Pharma business that wants to achieve rapid and sustainable productivity improvement.

Andrew Shaw, Supply Chain Director, Seven Seas

Our cooperation with LI Europe has yielded significant improvement across the plants in East Asia and I have recommended the cooperation be implemented across our other regions and suppliers

Jose M. Chao Diaz Senior VP Supply – Developing Markets