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Improvement Toolkit / Crewing Optimisation

Crewing Optimisation


Are your people working efficiently for your business? Have you made great process improvements but failed to see the benefits on your bottom line? Without effective labour management financial benefits are quickly lost.

Crewing Optimisation techniques can be used to reduce labour costs, increase labour utilisation, whilst still maintaining service levels.


Key features include:

  • Identification & management of poor labour utilisation through measurement e.g. Actual Daily Crewing versus Target Crewing (based on takt times).
  • Effective scheduling, balancing labour whilst delivering required customer service levels.
  • Simulation. Using production forecasts, labour simulations enable capacity and scheduling issues to be addressed early.
  • Labour balance review, comparing fixed versus flexible labour.

All of this can be achieved whilst reducing the time currently spent on labour management.


To find out more about how Crew Optimisation could help your business, contact us.



It must be said that the concept of change management which LI were asked to bring in was a very big ‘ask’. Their work on the floor was very beneficial to change management. LI try to problem solve by using the workforce. This has to be done tactfully. They achieved it. They had the respect of the people on the floor and the management which is a major credit.

Peter Barnett, CFO, KR Castlemaine

Over the past three months I have been concentrating mainly on changeover reduction, waste reduction and increased throughput. There has also been a challenge to behavioural patterns. All of these efforts have been using the knowledge that you gave me and I am delighted to say that all have been successful, culminating in increased throughput, less waste and an increase in OEE from an average of 78% to around 90%. There has also been a marked improvement with people issues.

Alwin Waterhouse, Improvement Manager, British Bakeries