Written by Jason Gledhill, Head of Reliable Maintenance at LI Europe

Let me tell you a story… Gather round, listen closely.

Once upon a time in a factory not too dissimilar to your factory, worked an Operations Director, Tim Woods.   Tim was no ordinary Operations Director, the factory had been in his family for over a 120 years when he took control 6 years ago.

  Tim had great pride in his factory. He went about his job with diligence, and endeavour to make the business better. The factory had grown from its humble beginnings to owning a number of top brands.

To everyone but Tim, the factory and business were doing great. The factory was still in business, employing people and putting smiles on faces but there was a problem.  The business was fast losing profit margins and this made Tim very sad. The economic crisis had increased cost of production. Raw material cost had shot up, so had wages and overheads were no better. To further compound the problem, Brexit had caused the pound to fall against the Euro, greatly affecting earnings.

These highlighted the waste and efficiency concerns which Tim had to deal with every day, alongside the concern of competitors chasing their market share.

As time progressed Tim’s frustration grew. He tried numerous initiatives to try and improve the situation.

Tim tried to initiate measures to tackle waste and improve efficiency. Initial success only fell back to the normal way of working. He invested money to improve the system, installing efficiency monitors across the production line and tackling the challenges discovered at various points of the production process but all of these seem to be in vain. Profit margins continued to plummet.

Reviewing the results of his efforts, Tim was dismayed. The results did not reflect the amount of effort he had put into setting the factory on the right path and this made him feel hopeless. If nothing positive occurred in 12 months, then the factory would not survive.

The narrative ends here. Now I ask you, what would you do differently, if you were Tim? Business managers face this challenge. When they are sick, they visit the doctor, when the car breaks down, they call in the specialist but what do they do when the business faces challenges?

This story is not uncommon to us.  We are often called into organisations that have tried all of the above along with other methods of improvement and made little change.  LI Europe is often used as a last resort, a last-ditch attempt to save a business rather than a first choice to improve a factory.  Most of us will have heard of the acronym TIM WOODS, but how many of us have ever spent a sleepless night worrying about it?

We know a different way to improve profitability.  A way that always delivers sustainable improvement.  Have a look at the case studies on our website.  Don’t be Tim.

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