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The Art of Training

When you learn something new you think you understand it. Try to teach someone else to use it and you realise your understanding was not what you thought it was.

When teaching someone else it is your responsibility to make the trainee understand the subject fully. Training essentially requires you to be able to look at a concept from a number of viewpoints not just your own. Hence training something for the first time is the hardest; this is when you first come across other ways of looking at a subject, what questions will be asked, what points are not obvious and where confusion can come from.

LI Europe use the “see-try- do” approach and have found it to be very powerful. If you actively listen and engage on your “see one” then you can formulate responses for the” try one” which can then be polished on your “do one”.

This can be taxing, even stressful – however once you have successfully taught someone how to do something it is further cemented in your head. The sense of success at having taught someone to do something they could not do before makes training a very rewarding activity.

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Our cooperation with LI Europe has yielded significant improvement across the plants in East Asia and I have recommended the cooperation be implemented across our other regions and suppliers

Jose M. Chao Diaz Senior VP Supply – Developing Markets

Things are getting done since the workshop started