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Process Flow Analysis

Business processes tend to grow up over time, but when things change, the processes often stay the same.  As an organisation matures, a great deal of it’s time and effort can go into activity that doesn’t add any real value. 

Workflow Analysis addresses this to keep the activity that adds value, and reduce unnecessary, non-value adding activity.


Step 1: Define the current state

Step 2: Review interactions, and show the critical path

Step 3: Propose future state, and implement transitional plan



  • Streamlined processes, with reduced time and effort required
  • More responsive processes can enable many benefits, including reduced lead times, lower raw material stocks, reduced finished goods stock, and less warehouse space.



It’s been running so well, we could do a crossword!


I believe that the project has been the catalyst for some big changes in the way we operate and think. Your presence, support, enthusiasm and ability to engage the personnel involved has been integral to this.

Keith Bassett, Plant Manager, KR Castlemaine