It is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the current situation before any action is taken, rather than relying on what you “think” is happening.  This means measuring and analysing facts about factory performance:



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Is Waste or Downtime too high?  Which of Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, WCM, or OpEx are right for your factory?  How do you take people with you in the right way?  Find out how to build an improvement plan that generates both rapid and sustained results.



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Kick start the plan by teaching people new skills and techniques.  Supporting their use leads to a change in attitude about what is possible, and creates momentum to deliver outstanding results.





Keep Going!  Form habits, and turn excellence into "how we do business around here".  If you've had success, what are you doing to build on it, instead of slipping back?  Sustained long term results lead to self-sufficient, high performing factories.


Why use us?

Manufacturing is tough and super competitive. Customers are demanding – they can be quick to de-list products and move contracts. Factory costs are hard to control. Budgets are hard to meet. Waste and Downtime can be too high. Problems just won’t seem to go away. It can be hard to know what steps to take.

Operational Excellence knowledge shouldn’t be hidden and complicated. Everyone can understand and use the powerful techniques available, and learn how to improve their own factory themselves.

LI Europe practitioners have all spent time as a front line manager for a major manufacturer. We’ve worked shifts, faced problems day after day and the demands of customers. We’ve faced the difficulty, and now we have a proven system that has worked for many factories, and can work for yours too.

Factories are more than just 4 walls and a few machines. They are the people inside. Thriving factories drive the wealth of the nation, and the heart of the communities they support.

To climb Everest needs the help of a Sherpa. We show the way and take on the heavy lifting – so that each factory can succeed at scaling its mountain.

If you want to avoid the path of losing volume and de-listed products, crippling complaints, and service failures – and instead build a self-sufficient, high performing factory, with variances under control, improved standards, and few complaints (winning volume and listings, with reduced waste and downtime, and a workforce that understands improvement) then fill out a contact form now to book a “no commitment” exploratory call.

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Who are LI Europe?

Providers of Premier Improvement Support
LI Europe (the continuation of Lauras International in Europe) believes it is everyone’s interest to make productivity improvement happen, and believe the best way to do this is through strong engagement with all the workforce. We have taken the time to understand the differences in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and what the optimum improvement approaches are. We now provide premier improvement support to ambitious FMCG manufacturers who either want to improve manufacturing cost, quality, or delivery, or simply want more capacity. LI has been working with manufacturers large and small since 2001.

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Our Approach?

Sustainable Operational Profit Improvement
Expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, World Class Manufacturing and Constraint Theory, along with a range of in-house developed approaches, enables us to tailor our improvement model to the needs of the sector, and indeed each client.  We offer Advisory, Consultancy, Practitioning and Training.  Expertise in each means both understanding what improvement is achievable, and how to actually make it happen.  The knowledge from one feeds directly into the other – giving clarity on exactly what is required to achieve what result.  Practitioning programmes come with a guaranteed ROI (calculated during the opportunity assessment) with payback typically achieved in a few months.  We are very proud of our results – our projects consistently outperform other approaches – they deliver the most rapid improvement, and not only sustain results but also embed capability to continue an enhanced rate of improvement.

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